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Accommodation rules

The guest who rents the apartment at the same time must be responsible for compliance of the accommodation rules below. If guest breaks the rules, managements of the apartments has the right to cancel his reservation or impose a fine.

  1. Only guests, who checked in properly, may be accommodated in the apartments. For this purpose, all guests are required to present a valid identity document to the personnel of the apartments. A citizen who has a permanent residence in the city also could be accommodated in the complex.
  2. Accommodation in the complex is only allowed to persons, who are not affected by infectious diseases.
  3. If the accommodation time has not been agreed beforehand, the check-out time is no later than 11.00 o’clock at the day of departure. Also guests must vacate the apartment at the same time. If the guest fails to do so within the specified time, the apartments may charge the price of staying for the next day.
  4. Guest must check the condition and functionality of all facilities of the apartment during their stay due to their abilities, and immediately notify the personnel of the complex if any defects occur.
  5. The guest must respect the other guests of the complex and do not disturb their rest. Guests are obligated to keep silence from 10pm to 8 am.
  6. For security reasons, children under 10 y.o. are not allowed to be left unattended in the rooms and public places of the complex without adults’ supervision.
  7. Guests are obliged to turn off the taps, all lights and other electrical appliances in the apartment and on its territory and close the door when they leave. guests must hand over keys and parking card when check-out.
  8. Guests agree that during the entire period of their accommodation a housekeeper, a housemaid and a head of the complex have access to all rooms and facilities.
  9. Administration of the complex is not responsible for guests’ money, documents, valuable and private things.
  10. Visitors are obliged to report about their visit to the personnel of the complex. All visits to the apartments are permitted from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm.
  11. The guest is obliged to comply all accommodation rules from the moment he rented the apartment. In case of serious violation, the management of the complex has the right to terminate the contract before the expiration of accommodation period or to impose a fine.
  12. There is a strict smoking ban inside the apartment.
  13. Guests are required to maintain order and cleanliness in common areas, and any room pollution will be charged as a fine.
  14. The guest pays the bill upon the arrival.
  15. Guests complaints and possible suggestions for improvement of complex activities are assumed by the management of the complex.
  16. The guest has the right to use all facilities of the rented room and common rooms. He is responsible for any damage caused to the property of the complex according to the applicable regulations.
  17. Guests have no permission to make repairs and do any work on the electrical networks or other installations in the rented room or common areas of the complex.

This accommodation is available in every apartments.

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